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It's beautiful Italy, but it's more beautiful than ours

danijela novakovic banja zdrelo

The couple Nenad and Danijela Novaković, after fifteen years of work in northern Italy, decided to return to their native Ždrelo and devote themselves to rural tourism. Without great expectations, but with a lot of love and effort, their dream is growing before their eyes. Their village farm is an oasis of domestic peace, which in winter and flying to guests, and especially to children, provides a source of great joy.

Fifteen kilometers from Petrovac on Mlava, on the way to Gornjačka gorge, lies the village Ždrelo. In the Mlava Plain, at the foot of Mount Vukan, he respects time and lives his peaceful life. Above the village, still from the main road you can see the monastery of the Holy Trinity. Attracts the views of travelers and calls for the oblivion of past secrets hidden on this, and many places around.

Walking along narrow and winding streets of Zdrel, one can not even notice how much effort is invested in magnificent houses, facades, fences, courtyards ... It is clear immediately that they are not the place of permanent residence of their hosts. Half of the villagers, who have about 600 souls, work in Western Europe and spend only a month in their home town.

Nenad and Danijela Novakovic imposed such a life frame. In Bolzano, a region in the north of Italy, they worked for fifteen years.

Nenad went first. He worked on the building, at the factory, and when he was employed in a luxury mountain hotel, Danijela came. They worked and made money.

The experience gained in hotels in various jobs, they decided to use in their Ždrelo, and five years ago began to work in rural tourism.

nenad novakovic banja zdrelo

"In Italy, I initially had great resistance to this job, because it was very hard, and only my children who were growing up with my grandfather and grandfather in Zdrel were in my head. Leaving such children is a great sacrifice, and I would not recommend it to anyone. Probably from this strong desire to be close to them and gave birth to the idea that we will use our experience of working in hotels in the north of Italy, and on our farm we build apartments and offer them to guests who come to the spa Ždrelo or just want to feel the magic of the village life, "says Daniel.

Danijela was born in Romania, in the industrial town of Tirguzi, on the banks of the Zhi River. It says that it can not be measured with a beautiful Homoljsko village, rich in natural beauties and historical sights.

"We started this business on the estate without load, as a hobby ... Many were skeptical, but we believed that we had something to offer. We are constantly investing, we are making a step more, but we do not burden ourselves with earnings, but we enjoy the introduction of new people coming from many places from Serbia and abroad, "says Danijela.

Nenad and Danijela have two sons. He found the older job in Switzerland, and the younger is still educated. He sees himself as a baker, which might even fit into a family business.

smestaj novakovic banja zdrelo liker

Nenad's parents also help them on the farm because they have a lot of work on livestock and agricultural works.

Poultry is a lot of yards, and there are pigs, cows, sheep in pigs and fattening ... The Gara's Dog and the cat Kica are friends since they were born.

nenadov otac smestaj novakovic banja zdrelo

"Summer and winter have their charms in the countryside. Near the spa is Ždrelo, which works all year round, so guests always have it. We recommend them to visit the monastery Gornjak, Vitovnica, where Father Tadej, the Holy Trinity monastery, and Rešovica are resting, and a special attraction is the Monument Blessing at the very beginning of Gornjačka gorge, which seemed to have exited the wall. Whoever comes once is obliged to return again, simply falling in love with this end because it is magical, "they say in the voice of the hosts.

Source: RTS


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